For the client Newspaperswork, the marketing platform for all Belgian newspaper publishers, Duval Guillaume Belgium created a little stunt that, which like their red light district stunt, and the dramatic surprise in a quiet town square, this might play better for us viral viewers.
Three top advertisers got a free chauffeur-driven ride to read their newspaper while going to work. They were so deeply involved in their newspapers that they missed out on a running man on fire, people playing golf in the street, a bear driving a cab and other things ... eventually discovering that their chauffeur didn't even have pants on. This plays more like a candid camera joke than an ad, but the point is made, people are a captive audience when reading the newspaper. Still. So maybe advertise in them?

Ad agency: Duval Guillaume Belgium


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  • aburtch's picture
    aburtch (not verified)

    Cool stunt, but definitely one of those more effective in the video afterwards rather than the experience itself.

    Unlike the "dramatic surprise in a quiet town square" which is probably the best experiential advertising I've ever seen.

    Dec 21, 2012
  • Hygge's picture

    I disagree. That added dramatic stunt reached maybe a hundred people who were there and the rest only because of the viral effect.
    This one reached 100% of the target audience.

    Jan 02, 2013

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