Boost Mobile and 180 create a little ditty for all those who didn't get what they wanted for the holiday, as part of their 31 holidays singing cards campaign.
I know they said each holiday had a different genre, but I'm not sure what genre this is, so I'm calling it "elementary school choir audition meets Live Aid."

CREDIT LIST Campaign: Holiday Length: Various Spot: Carol Cards / Musical Vignettes Agency: 180 Los Angeles Client: Boost Mobile Agency: 180LA Executive Creative Director: William Gelner Creative Directors: Matthew Woodhams-­‐Roberts & Dave Horton Copywriter: Ben Bliss Art Director: Rob Mcqueen Head of Broadcast Production: Natasha Wellesley Producer: Nili Zadok Digital Producer: Chris Neff Head of Account Management: Chad Bettor Account Director: Jerico Cabaysa Account Manager: Kendra Schaaf Social Media Manager: Jenny Hastings Planner: Mitch Polatin Business Affairs Manager: Nestor Gandia Production Production Co.: Logan & Sons Director: Eric Anderson DP: Caleb Coppla Executive Producer: Matthew Marquis Head of Production: Lindsay Bodanza Line Producer: Rick Brown Production Designer: Matthew Holt Stylist: Rene Acuna Casting Company: Shane Liem Casting Casting Director: Shane Liem Shoot Location: Logan Studio, Marina Del Rey Shoot Date: Sunday, November 18, 2012 Editorial Editorial Company: 180LA Editor: Dave Groseclose Executive Producer: n/a Producer: Brian Scharwath Assistant Editor: n/a Completion/Special Effects Colorist: n/a Transfer Facility: n/a Online/VFX: n/a VFX Supervisor: n/a Henry/Flame Artist: n/a Executive Producer: n/a Head of Production: n/a Producer: n/a Recording Mix Recording Studio: Eleven Sound Date: Wednesday, 11/8/12 Mixer: Scott Burns Asst Mixer: AJ Murillo Executive Producer: DJ Fox Music/Sound Design Music Co: Elias Arts Composer: Elias Arts Executive Producer & GM: Ann Haugen Producer: Kiki Martinez Client Credits Peiti Feng, Director, Brand Strategy & Marketing Communications Marisa Schaeffer, Brand Marketing Manager Arlin Morales, Advertising Manager Wally Fox, Creative Marketing Manager Ian O’Gorman, Brand Manager

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    Conniseur of Fi... (not verified)

    Cool. National Whiners day was started by Kevin Zaborney who now resides in Caro, Michigan. He also created National Hugging Day January 21st. More info can be found at funny ad!

    Dec 25, 2012

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