The Agency Pronunciation Guide

Sent to us today.

The Agency Pronunciation Guide.

"Dro-five-uh. Dro-five-uh. Dro-five-uh never returned my calls."

You don't say? Is it because taking an existing meme which parodies a unintentionally funny but started as serious youtube channel isn't very original?

I see you called it Volume 1, suggesting there might be a volume 2. Let's not and say we did. This is as DOA as another Shit Blank Says video.

Agency guide.

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You're writing in general is terrible. I don't mean to be picky but you do call yourself a copywriter, so please could you actually tighten up your copy a bit more when posting.

Here is a prime example of your copy.
"I see you called it Volume 1, suggesting there might be a volume 2. Let's not and say we did."

Overall your writing and posts makes the blog feel amateurish.

Other than that keep up the good, if sloppy work.

- Martin.

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Is this one of those UK English don't understand American English things? I have no problem at all reading the line you cite.

"You're writing"?? You're trolling, aren't you?

Fun fact: Adland predates the word blog :)

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Fact fact #2: Advertising copy and writing a news article are not the same things. I'm also not sure how much tighter I can get when it was hardly a paragraph to begin with. But thanks for your critique. By the way, the previous sentence was sarcasm. In case you had trouble understanding my "copy."

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I also notice that Martin_AD doesn't say anything about the (IMHO YMMV) old idea of making a pronunciation guide that's making pronunciations up, like the Youtube channel ones Kidsleepy shows. So, we know it's already been done, and some of the names could be funnier. The "DeeDeeBeeDegree" one was the only clever one. Again, IMHO, YMMV ETC.

So, you're not picky, Martin_AD. Like I said on twitter last night, never believe anything said before a "but".

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When there's no way to defend, one attacks. I wonder if Martin acts the same way with his bosses.

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I dunno if Martin had anything to do with it. I know that Daniel Evans says he made it. It's Not a Forsman & Bodenfors thing, despite them happily promoting it on their facebook page which started some speculation over at adfreak.