"Listen to help" - raising money for the hearing-impaired via sound on Spotify

Listen to help is a unique Spotify track that aims to raise money for Sound Seekers, a charity dedicated to helping deaf and hearing-impaired people in the developing world.

Click on this spotify link if you have Spotify, the place that as you know pays artists only a fraction of a cent per play, and is thus worse for artists than the big bad music corps of yesteryear everyone wants to stick it to. Indie labels can't really afford being on spotify.

But never mind, this is about deaf kids, and checking all the hip boxes by using spotify and the ease of sharing a track to spread. Listen To Help is really simple, those who can hear raise money for those who can't simply by listening. Clever. BBH labs explains:

On Spotify, artists receive a royalty every time someone plays one of their songs. The team behind Listen to Help had the idea that if they could create a track with no artist to receive royalties, then the fees would go directly to the charity. The ‘track’, called Just Listen, is a short 35 second audio clip of a man describing the project. Simply by listening to it, people can help support others who can’t. 

The juxtaposition is pretty clever. But we'll have to spread this 35 second track like crazy and stick into popular playlists everywhere if it is to make any decent money for the charity.... So do it, you have the link now!

Creative Team: Pepe Borrás & Anders Teigene

BBH Creative Director: Pablo Marques

BBH Producer: Jeremy Gleeson

BBH Creative Technologist: Luke Kidney