Adidas is all in, as long as the idea stays the same.

Back in 1999, there was - according to all rumors - quite the dramatic pitch for the ├╝berhot account of Adidas. W+K Amsterdam was involved, and from the ashes of that pitch was born a brand new agency: 180. Would they show off good once they showed some work? Yes, they would. This Adidas ad blew most people away back then, and was ripped off a few times (some Dutch bank copy was in an early Badlander here). I personally applauded it for being my go-to whenever I needed to show a client that YES you do not to speak the VO when it's written on the screen already, gosh darnit.

Adidas forever sports - Right here, right now
Take the championship
Take the world cup
Take the first place
Take the last place
Take control of the stadium
Take control of the streets
Take it seriously
..etc and so on, just watch it, please

More than ten years later, from an agency on another continent....

Adidas Take the stage

Take the stage
Take the water
Take the track
...and the field
Take the fan-mail
Take the online marriage proposals
Take the tabloid hysteria
Take the upset
Take the win against their own game
..and so on, OMG I am so not typing all that out gais, srsly, just listen to it aight?

Seeing the same client approve (demand?) such similar executions so many years apart makes me think that the client might be the one steering the creative a bit too much here, in a "lets do what we once did before that totally worked" kind of thing. It's either time for a new agency or new ad buyers. Guess where my bet lies.