LCBO: The Configurator

Cossette launches Gentleman’s League Configurator for the Liquor Control Board of Ontario. (LCBO)

This microsite slash experiential website slash steampunk hangout helps men plan parties in a gentlemanly fashion. Because men are totally known for planning. And being gentlemen. Especially when getting blitzed.

When you go to the site, you can choose your booze and the configurator will make suggestions on what the ideal cocktail to make would be, as well as what food to eat with it, and a worthy occasion to celebrate. Then you can create a custom invite etc. and boy does that seem like a lot of work to get blotto.

The configurator suggested Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum to make a cuba libre, and the dining options aren't suggestions so much as a laundry list of
food that you scroll down to see. There are also random buttons that play old time music and show old time movies.

Maybe it’s because it's Flash based but it the site moves at a snail's pace even on the wi-fi we have at the office. Maybe the configurator was sampling some of its own supply.

Speaking of getting blitzed, this effort is set to lead up to the Super Bowl dontcha know. When no doubt those gentlemanly Canadians will be drinking Jägerbombs out of snifters, whilst scarfing nachos and poutine, pinkies in the air.

Client: LCBO - Liquor Control Board of Ontario
LCBO Marketing Director: Kerri Dawson
LCBO Marketing Manager: Krista Moriarity
LCBO Senior Planner: Taleen Yazejian

Creative Agency: Cossette, Toronto
Chief Creative Officer: Matthew Litzinger, David Daga
Creative Director: Chad Borlase
Art Director: Kenneth Fothergill
Copywriter: Peter Gardiner
VP Digital: Tim Dolan
Brand Director, Digital: Chris Dyck
Director, Digital Production: Pralad Rao
Senior Project Manager: Amber Adam
Senior Interactive Architect: Scott Garson
Web Developer: Dylan Scott
Web Developer: Christina Habberjam
Designer: Eleni Alpous
Interactive Designer: Erin McGuire
Interactive Designer: Pavel Gorin
QA Analyst: Kate Roberts
Senior Web Developer: Jaswinder Rattanpal