Go Make Babies for WBEZ

WBEZ 91.5 Chicago and Energy BBDO's digital partner Xi, (formerly Proximity) want you to hook up and go make babies. Right now. Okay not right now, but after you head over to Facebook and take their compatibility test, otherwise known as Go Make Babies. .

Oh I get it. They're really talking to us, but using irony to talk about our kids, and for their 2032 membership drive. Either way it's the same. Like the yet to be born, the horny young Chicagoans care not a wite for Fresh Air with Terry Gross. So maybe this will help make them tune in and become lifelong "fans," and "members."

One the one hand it’s quite the entertaining recruitment effort to get the kids peoplehot and bothered about NPR and what not. On another level it’s disconcerting because you’re essentially saying this public radio station is already looking at future offspring as a cash cow so we'd all better get procreating.

I guess it gets a B for effort.

PROTIP: I tried the app to see how well it worked. And then clicked on each of the four I’m supposed to get excited about. Seen below. One lady works in production, and two work for Energy BBDO according to their profiles. Might want to populate it better next time, guys.