Nothing beats an Astronaut. Ever.


So silly. I love it. I'm glad you got back to selling sex in a clever way instead of the wistful maudlin ponder fest that was Susan Glenn. C'mon. You're supposed to just promise I get laid, not that I'll alleviate that nagging existential crushing weight of what might have been, Axe. I know you're is strong and overpowering in a douchey way but I don't think you can travel back in time to my high school years. Seriously if I wanted Proust with my deodorant spray I'd wear Mitchum. I don't even know what that means but I enjoyed writing it.

I know this has something to do with a larger promotion of sending horny males to space or something and starts Buzz Aldrin, but honestly I'm just glad to see a Super Bowl spot that isn't mediocre.

Client: Axe/Lnyx (Unilever) Agency: BBH

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    Vanessa Doubet (not verified)

    What a very nice ad! Excellent post.

    Feb 08, 2013