Updated: Tesla to NYT: Neener Neener.

Things are heating up on Twitter and it's kind of awesome.

First the New York Times writes a scathing review of the Tesla S road trip from New York to Boston.

And with that, Tesla's rep was damaged and even dropped the share price. It did some PR to assuage the damage, indicating the car has been driven through death valley as well an in a Minnesota winter without the issues.

Other media outlets were uncharacteristically skeptical of the Old Grey Lady's reporting, too. CNN recreated the trip with Peter Valdes-Dapena.
He declared: "In the end, I made it -- and it wasn't that hard."

Tesla could have had the last laugh right there. Instead, it decided to send someone out to recreate the test drive from Maryland to Connecticut to prove it can be done. You can follow @TeslaRoadTrip and keep up from afar. I have no doubt it will be smooth sailing and the Times will eat crow.

Oh, and Tesla? Some Adland writers live here in Sunny Southern California. We'd be more than happy to take a TESLA road trip test drive and prove stuff, too. I know, I know. How magnanimous of us.

Update: from the comment below it isn't Tesla conducting the recreated test drive. It is a Genuine Tesla Owner.™ Talk about passion and dedication. And considering CNN already dis it, a bit redundant.

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  • SBrentnall's picture
    SBrentnall (not verified)

    Love the coverage. One correction, though: Tesla didn't send anyone out to recreate the test. A group of Tesla owners were so enraged by the NYT reporter's lies that they decided to recreate the trip on their own. What other car companies can boast that kind of customer loyalty?

    You can read the forum thread where the whole plan came together here: http://t.co/ZK2i69aK

    Feb 17, 2013