CP+B just dug up some old footage and discovered that the story didn't end after the "pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?" Nope. Obviously we can't let that man simply drive off with the precious yellow Grey Poupon.

Now, this is just a thirty second teaser, the film will be available on http://greypouponchase.com/ in 4 days - because the Oscars are boring and you will want to force-interrupt that by seeking out an actual commercial. Or so goes the logic?

The extended version of the video will be available on GreyPoupon.com and will feature clickable “Haute Spots” where viewers can click hidden spots within the video to reveal and win props featured in the TV spot, including items such as fine caviar, champagne flutes and tokens made from the luxury cars. Exclusive “Society of Good Taste” Facebook members will be able to have an exclusive screening to the new spot prior to its premiere. One of the world's most discerning Facebook pages, the “Society of Good Taste” made Grey Poupon the first brand to remove fans and deny access to potential fans based on the “good taste” they display in their profile.

oh, and btw... Is that John Cleese?

Ad agency: CP+B