O2 "TU Go from 02" (2013) :48 (U.K.)


O2 "TU Go from 02" (2013) :48 (U.K.)

Lernert and Sander direct this fun trompe-l'oeil-esque spot for O2's TU go app. Make and receive calls or send and receive texts from any of your devices-- even if the other person doesn't have the app it works.

Agency: VCCP
Creative Directors: Jim Capp & Colin Byrne
Creatives: Jason Scott & Joris Philippart
Directors: Lernert & Sander



I'm sold. That's a useful app/service, and a cute way of explaining what it does.

Nice app, but by including the App Store logo last it did give me the impression that it wasn't designed for me or any of my iPhone toting friends (basically everyone I know) Windows 7 first in the lineup, come on, you can do better than that.

So, you'd like the ad better if the iPhone logo was first?

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