3 / Three - The WiFi ad - (2013)


3 / Three - The WiFi ad - (2013)

Three / 3 wanted to promote their pocket wi-fi, so they used wi-fi networks to spread their message - very simple first idea. They then put together this far-too-long case study, complete with cheesy music and a voice-over lady with a thick Swedish accent, adding to the impression that this is student work. "We used an unexpected media-channel", except that it's totally expected by now. We've seen Wi-fi used as ad space several times before and badlanded it twice. Wifi has been used to shill everything from magazines to cars, this might be the first time the medium is actually the message: "get pocket-Wifi".

Advert title: The WiFi-Ad Advertising Agency: MRM Stockholm Art Director: Christian Soderholm Copywriter: Fredrik Sundqvist Creative Director: Johan Blomstrom Account Director: Markus Thiel Technical Director: Marcus Mackie Johansson Developer: Alonso Diaz


Sounds a lot like Sixt 2008 ad stunt:

other website /media/ambient/sixt_wifi

Yeah, you mean the Sixt wifi guerilla 2008 that I had linked as a badlander in this here post above that you just read, where you obviously didn't click the link. ;)

See also, Tidsam (for you people who don't click links)

Tidsam - Buy a magazine instead

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