So Maxwell the pig (as in the one who yelled WEE WEE WEE all the way home) is on a date, and parked... because the car broke down... and his lady hopes this might mean steaming windows.....

Alas, Maxwell is a pig but not that kind of pig so he suggests they lay games on his smartphone instead of the back seat. This would be just your regular ad if it wasn't for the fact that one million moms claims it promotes bestiality.

“The Geico marketing team may have thought this would be humorous, but it is disgusting to see how the company takes lightly the act of bestiality,” One Million Moms said in a statement.
The press release, which urges members to email their disgust to the firm, added that the advert was “repulsive” and “unnecessary.”

And just like that, the ad went from the usual to "awesome, everyone will be talking about it now!" Thanks one million moms.


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