American Eagle Outfitters have come up with Skinny Skinny jeans as a response to all you hipsters who want your jeans so skinny, your booty pops, your camel-toe announces itself, and your knobbly knees stand out in all their glory. Check the site and these jeans come in two colors, "Indigo" and "Bright Light". They also come... in a can. Yes it's a joke, people. Hardy har har, and unlike the fast spreading Indian misogynist Ford ad , this prank was on purpose. The one size fits all new SkinTight technology skinny skinny jeans seen here and on The Today Show are a hoax, or rather it's an ad made by American Eagle, poking fun at themselves and served up as content on

If we couldn't trust advertising before this, we certainly can't now that advertising is only skits & jokes made to fit the website they appear on.

For the record, Skinny Skinny spray-on jeans don’t exist, said Bob Holobinko, vice president of brand marketing for American Eagle.
"We are not selling it, just to be clear,” he clarified Friday on TODAY, as two models showed off the "jeans." The brave pair were painted for the appearance in conjunction with
“We just wanted to have fun, and have fun with our fans,” he said. “And it was a good opportunity to kind of push it from a brand standpoint and the response has been incredible.”

American Eagle Outfitters

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    I don't get it. Is American Eagle making fun of hipsters, or making fun of its supposed hipster target? For the record this place is in suburban malls.

    Mar 25, 2013

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