To celebrate The Canadian Film Fest, JWT Canada aired these spots in Toronto, Canada, riffing off the fact that perhaps Canadian films are too Canadian.

Sigh. It seems as if it was only yesterday I made a post about how the "Canadians talking about how Canadian they are" execution has become pretty much cliché.

Oh wait. It was yesterday.

At least this campaign tried to find some unique idiosyncrasies. I.E. No Beaver/Moose/Mountie/Beer jokes.

Office: JWT Canada
Client: Canadian Film Festival
Break Date: 3/20/13
Brief Description: A uniquely Canadian take on three favorite movie genres, these films opened the 2013 Canadian Film Festival.

Chief Creative and Integration Officer, JWT Canada: Brent Choi
Creative Chairman: Martin Shewchuk
Associate Creative Director/Art Director: Jim Wortley
Associate Creative Director/Writer: Colin Winn
Designer/Art Director: Paul Dike, Craig Markou
Agency Producer: Shelby Spigelman

Canadian Sin
Production House: Industry
Director: Jonathan Bensimon
Producer: David Cranor
DOP: Jonathan Bensimon
Editing House: Married to Giants
Editor: Graham Chisholm
Post Production: Alter Ego
Executive Producer: Greg Edgar
Transfer: Trisha Hagoriles
Flame Artist: Darren Achim
Casting: Mann Casting
Music & Sound design: Tom Westin and Dave Sorbara, Grayson Matthews


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