DDB needs people - You have six seconds to sell yourself on Vine

DDB Brussels are looking for a few good people and ask you to submit your application as a six second Vine gif, so if you have an Android you're just too different, man.

Studies have shown that your resumé is only looked at for six seconds anyway, so why not jump on the latest bandwagon and have some animated fun while recruiting? Young creatives have until May 31, 2013 to upload their Vines, adding the hashtag #ddbexpress. You can see more at www.ddbexpress.be. Your brief is to convince Peter Ampe, Executive Creative Director, that you have what it takes to be a creative at DDB Brussels, that you should be a young creative at DDB Brussels. You have six seconds to show him how creative you are, condense your resume into that, or whatever you think will get his attention. It's funny that we'll spend only six seconds glancing at a persons resumé and later that same person will spend six months getting one project out the door through countless revisions... ;)

There's plenty Vines collected here already on DDB's facebook, so you can eye up the competition.

Finalists will be invited to join the "DDB Express" train, direction Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. Once on the "DDB Express", the remaining 10 finalists will work on creative briefs. At each stop, creative work will be assessed, and each time, a finalist will have to leave. The last two remaining finalists will go on to the prestigious festival and be rewarded by an invitation to join the creative department of DDB.