Honestly now? I'm not sure exactly where these ads ran (or even if) but alch1m1a have done weird things before. Still "Don’t Spank His Bottom Again" advertising brown sauce and "Did You Spank His Mom’s Bottom" for ketchup? Worst... "Learn To Squeeze Her" for salad dressing. I lost my appetite.

Advertising Agency: Alch1m1a Adv, Milan, Italy Creative Director: Raul Riccardo Pisani, Viviana Leveghi Art Director: Raul Riccardo Pisani Copywriter: Viviana Leveghi Illustrator: Raul Riccardo Pisani

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  • Tom Megginson's picture
    Tom Megginson (not verified)

    I checked the agency site, and I did some searches in Italian. I can't find any evidence of these ads being published outside of the ad blogs. Another vanity job? (And a shitty one, at that.)

    Apr 10, 2013
  • Dabitch's picture

    It wasn't submitted as spec. Would an agency lie (yes - but to us they usually don't).

    May 07, 2016

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