HoopDome (Toronto Basketball) - Bring your game - (2013) :30 (Canada)

This is a direct to client spot, meaning there's no ad agency involved. It serves up the reason one needs a basketball church like Hoopdome when one lives in an urban cold city. Because we need games.

HoopDome “Bring Your Game” Director / Producer: Charles Wahl @ The Corner Store Director Of Photography: Rion Gonzales Post Production: Relish Editor: Chris Murphy Transfer: Alter Ego Colorist: Wade Odlum Audio Post Production: SNDWRX Producer: Didier Tovel Online & VFX: 567 VFX
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As someone who schedules social life around multiple men's league teams, and as person chasing glory long left in the past, I'm certainly part of their target audience. I also think they hit the mark. Fast food and beer companies have long told me that basketball is about friends, smiles, and double cheeseburgers. As a consumer of not just the "product" they're selling, but also the lifestyle, it's nice to be treated like an adult. The acknowledgement that, while still just a game, basketball is a tool that (like all other sports) affords the participant a multitude of positives, not the least of which is escape.

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What I also like about this ad, is that, while the cinematography is great, the casting is not over the top athlete. These look like average guys, and I mean that in a good way. It feels that much more aspirational and honest than say, a Gatorade spot which promises I can be like Kevin Durant. This promise is much more profound.