In which we get yet another freaking product demo spot and obnoxious platitude telling us how many photos the iPhone has taken. It's also a telling commentary on how intrusive technology has become, that we can't simply appreciate a meal or a moment without being an obnoxious twat with a mobile.

Ah well. At least it wasn't on a black or white background. Always nice to include humanity and all.

Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab CCO: Duncan Milner ECD: Eric Grunbaum GCD: Chuck Monn ACD/AD: Antoine Choussat ACD/CW: David Young AD: Anthony Williams Executive Producer: Eric Voegele Agency Producers: Perrin Rausch, Rob Saxon, Chris Shaw, Trang Huynh Production Co: Epoch Films Director: Everynone Editorial Co: Nomad Editing Company, Inc. Editors: Jared Coller, Mike Benecke Post Co: The Mill LA Lead Flame Artist: Edward Black Colorist: Adam Scott
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  • AGilkey's picture
    AGilkey (not verified)

    Anyone know the song/composer in this commercial? Love it.

    Apr 26, 2013

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