Kat Von D demonstrating her new tattoo concealer for Sephora - Fails!

Kat von D without tattoos

Here's some lovely advertising photography of Kat Von D showing off her new tattoo concealer for Sephora. On the left we see Kat with ink, in the middle Kat with concealer and on the right an un-airbrushed leaked shot that spells doom for yet another tattoo concealing product that doesn't work very well at all. Oops!
Via the superficial.

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ACTUALLY, it works just like its supposed to. That's *just* the concealer! You have to blend concealer or it looks blotchy like that, duh. Sure they evened out her skin for the ad... but you know what they didn't have to do? Photoshop tattoos off of her... so I would not call this a fail.

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Those blotches are only where they did NOT put concealer on her...She has no tattoos on her chest or to her right of her navel. The light from a camera flash reflects differently off of makeup versus skin. It's a fact. This is absolutely not a fail. The concealer covered all her tattoos, in every place that it was applied.

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Not sure why a four year old snark is suddenly popular.

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Because people are bored?

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Well Kat VD..is someone who should not be in the spotlight ever.. She let any little bit of fame she has ever had go to her head.. in other words she wouldn't ever admit that a product she endorsed didn't look good after you put it on..Any one can see it's not just the camera its a bad product plain and simple.. sorry she also is always so fake that I would never believe anything that comes out of her mouth..