Somewhere the team behind "Dot", the worlds formerly smallest animation, are collectively biting their fists while watching this, fascinated. This is IBM's atom boy, it took four scientists two weeks of 18-hour days to pull this off. And it took a gentle push from Ogilvy New York and production magic from 1st Ave Machine to take this from idea to finished film. The IBM research team has been manipulating atoms for a while, they can manipulate matter on the atomic level, and perhaps this will lead us to new ways of storing data in the future... So while IBM have demonstrated they can store data on an atom bit, this film is meant to be a bit of fun, to show off, and to remind people that IBM is still in the game.

This is not your boring letter-boxed IBM ad, but this really sells IBM and is currently getting a stampede of people looking at their youtube channel to satisfy their "how the h...?" curiosity. Nicely done, Ogilvy. I especially like the music touch, which reminds me of those little metal music box sounds.

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Ad agency: Ogilvy New York Production: 1st Ave Machine Director : Nico Casavecchia Chief Creative Officer : Steve Simpson Executive Creative Director : Susan Westre Art Director : Mike Hahn Copywriter : Ryan Blank Copywriter : Lauren Costa Art Director : Ramona Todoca ACD / Art Director : Ricardo Leme Lopes ACD / Copywriter : Niels West Producer : Alicia Zuluaga Executive Producer : Sam Penfield Executive Producer : Lee Weiss Agency Digital Producer: Julie Teicher Senior Partner/Group Planning Director: Magnus Blair Senior Director, Digital Strategy: Priya Varadachary Digital Strategist: Sissi Nie Social Media: Geoffrey Colon Social Media: Stuart Tracte Media Supervisor: Nitin Sinha Media Planner: Katherine Moore IBM Scientist/Animator: Andreas Heinrich IBM Scientist/Animator: Christopher Lutz IBM Scientist/Animator: Ileana Rau IBM Scientist/Animator: Susanne Bowman Line Producer: Leanne Amos Post Producer: Michelle Seidenfrau Lead 3D: Beau Burrows Animation: Punga Editor: Peter Mostert Editorial Company: Hooligan Editorial Producer: Lauren Basile Programmer: Andrew Garrahan VFX Supervisor: Greg Anderson

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  • Vitamin Enriched's picture
    Vitamin Enriched

    Fascinating. Almost makes more sense to have viewers first watch the making of, understand the work put in, and then watch the finished final product.

    May 02, 2013