Pepsi's lawyers scramble to pull the "racist" Mountain Dew ads, handing out C&D's like M&M's

Remember last week when the "c'mon, it's the one with the four legs" Mountain Dew Ad with the police line-up was pulled for being racist. Well, Pepsi are doing their very best in trying to yank this ad off the web by C&Ding everyone who has it (I assume we're not the only lucky ones chosen).

At "Your Black World " Dr Boyce Watkins wasn't peeved that every single suspect was black, (at lineups the people should be similar physically for i to work ie everyone has brown hair), but that every black suspect was "ratchety negroes you might find in the middle of any hip-hop minstrel show". While here Kidsleepy was also annoyed that the ad makes light of random violence against women.

The ad, which according to Jen Ryan, spoksewoman for PepsiCo was never intended to air on TV, didn't even have that many hits on youtube when the racism controversy began. This was reported far and wide, and gathered much 'earned media'. Tyler the creator himself makes sure to tweet every mention of it.

Aw, isn't that sweet, he's so proud.

PepsiCo aren't though. Apparently they din't expect such controversy to erupt when hiring a guy to create ad-content for their brand, despite him being famous for exactly that sort of thing (go figure). They are now sending C&D's to (I assume) everyone who has the films, which as we all know is a surefire way to create the Streisand effect, ensuring the clips will never ever go away.

We represent PepsiCo, Inc. ("Pepsi") in certain of its intellectual property matters. This email concerns the misuse and infringement of Pepsi’s valuable intellectual property by Adland on the website and content platform.

They list the content they want taken down, as

One can argue that the ads sell Tyler the Creator far better than they do Mountain Dew, and this is where brands might want to reconsider using celebrities to create the ads for them. In Billboard Tyler, the Creator says about the Mountain Dew Controversy: 'It's Not Gonna Change My Art in Any Way'. So PepsiCo's Mountain Dew ads, are now Tyler's "art".

It's not like when Beyoncé lends her dancing legs and multiple style incarnations through her career to a spot and billboards, as Pepsi sponsors her tour. There's a fine line between borrowed interest and becoming a vehicle for someone elses fame-hunger, and it seems to be located somewhere between "let the ad agency create the campaign" and "let the artists write the campaign".

As Tyler so eloquently put it in his Billboard interview: "You're never gonna understand what you don't understand."

Also, talking goat-fans can relax, it is not the end of Felicia the goat. Tyler says : "The goat is here to stay."

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