Google glass banned from large parts of Vegas - a wink can take your picture

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, as Google Glass has been banned from all of Caesars palace and pretty much every strip club & bar. While apps like Winky lets you take photographs with a wink alone, people are getting increasingly worried about privacy with these high-tech eyes around.

Google is being met with resistance along the way; Google Glass Picks Up Early Signal: Keep Out.

“This is just the beginning,” said Timothy Toohey, a Los Angeles lawyer specializing in privacy issues. “Google Glass is going to cause quite a brawl.”

Possibly the first place to ban the use of Google Glass on their premises was The 5 Point Cafe, and now legislators in West Virginia are scrambling to ban the use of Glass while driving.

Meanwhile, Jay Freeman rooted the Glass already, exploiting a bug in the glassware. This opens up for all sorts of shenanigans and apps, and who knows how may sites & subreddits will appear, showing photo and video taken by Google glass where people weren't aware they were being filmed.

Will privacy be a thing of the past?

“Google Glass will test the right to privacy versus the First Amendment,” said Bradley Shear, a social media expert at George Washington University.

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Just as important as the privacy concerns is the fact Google's support page warns the potential cause of eye damage in young kids.

Glass isn’t for everyone.

Like when wearing glasses, some people may feel eye strain or get a headache. If you’ve had Lasik surgery, ask your doctor about risks of eye impact damage before using Glass. Don’t let children under 13 use Glass as it could harm developing vision. Also, kids might break Glass or hurt themselves, and Google’s terms of service don’t permit those under 13 to register a Google account. If Glass is not for you and you wish to return it, do so before the end of the applicable refund period.

AnonymousCoward's picture band the use of... *sigh*. If spell check didn't catch it, it's not wrong. Right?

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*Sigh* I suppose it wouldn't help to point out the author of this article is one who speaks english as a second language? Thank you for your insightful comment.

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The right to privacy is from the US Government, not private citizens. Bradley Shear needs to get his facts straight. I also find it funny that Vegas casinos are banning glass when they probably have more cameras operating than anyone. Understandable (Poker anyone?), yet still funny. David Brin definitely had this one right in his novel, Earth.