Viva "Pizza," (2013) :30 (U.S.A.)


Viva "Pizza," (2013) :30 (U.S.A.)

Mike Rowe's are really in to paper towels. Apparently there are people daring them to "break the rules," by using Viva paper towels in some unusual way. Apparently when it comes to paper towels, dipping them in water to clean something is considered rule breaking.

Client: VIVA
Product: Paper Towels
Director: David Gelb
Production Co: Nonfiction
Year: 2013
Ad Agency: TRIS3CT
SAD: Sarah Ingram
SCW: Michelle Horne
CD: Craig Miller
VP GCD: Mel Routhier
CCO: Paul Kuzma
VP Executive Producer: Tyler Jay
Audio Post: Another Country
Music House: Hum Music
Editor: Carl Schumacher @ Cutters
VFX: Sol Design
Line Producer: Jim Shippee



Wait until they discover CLOTH Kitchen Towels. Super "Tuff" when Wet :P

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