A creative team were way too inspired by the book Glamourpuss: The Enchanting World of Kitty Wigs and decided to pun Katy Perry into Katy Purry for this three minute skit. While the kitties wear wigs and do a pretty bang up job of typing while staring intently at cat-trainer, Katy has to endure bad makeup and unflattering shiny jumpsuits. And this from a lady who makes cotton-candy colored latex dresses look good. The Scooby doo inspired van and cat-related puns aren't helping. Katy and the popcats try to fight bad fatty chips, and there's a showdown with lazers in the fatty-chip warehouse. Yep. Lazers that distract cats. Come back Aston, all is forgiven, honestly.

POPCHIPS BRAND TEAM CEO: Keith Belling SVP Marketing: Michael Parisi Director, Brand Marketing: Stefanie Grossman Director, PR: Natalie Beitashour Ad agency: Zambezi Founder/ Executive Creative Director: Brian Ford Founder/ Managing Director: Chris Raih Creative Director: Madeleine Grandbois Art Director: Justin Wright Executive Producer: Alex Cohn Senior Producers: Jamie Tompetrini, Eli Shillock Associate Producer: Summer Allgyer Account Supervisor: Alissa Adler Editor: Ling Ly PRODUCTION CO. Production Company: Partizan Director: Jared Eberhardt CEO/ Exec Producer: Sheila Stepanek Producer: Matthieu Dahdah Senior Producer: Tova Dann

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