The flogo cloud machine making happy smiley clouds instead of ads

Honestly, I thought that the "logo cloud machine" or "floating logos" from Skywriting would be responsible for spewing Nike swooshes or similar logotastic nothings all over the place by now - but it seems the first person to make clouds in a big way is Stuart Semple who uses his machine to spread smiley faces all over large cities.

Happy Clouds Demo

Here he is on the BBC Show "Blue Peter" demonstrating his happy clouds, adding a dash of blue to it as well. The clouds are smiley faces that floated around London that day.

Stuart has also done an installation where he released 2057 pink smiley faced clouds which floated from the Tate Modern toward the financial district in London.

Happy Clouds - Stuart Semple - London
Artist's website:

(as for advertising being everywhere, it is remember the possibilities of making logos in water now)

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    Julia Charles (not verified)

    We own these machines and they are brilliant they are the next big thing for brand awareness! we can produce clouds in any shape up to 100 inch !

    Julia Charles

    Logo Clouds UK!

    Jun 17, 2013