John McAfee - How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus - wtf? (2013)


John McAfee - How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus - wtf? (2013)

"How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus" a helpful (not) primer featuring John McAfee himself, and a few exotic dancers, a bunch of guns. Large boxes of "bath salts" snorted through silly straw and a lab coat clad computer expert reading the uninstall pages out loud. Just what on earth is going on here?

John Macafee rebranding? A new venture? A silly skit just for the hell of it? See more at

Client: Macafee


Holy guy cave Batman, I am stunned, flabbergasted I tell you. No software should by default block classy adult entertainment like Xhamster (google it if you don't know what it is).

I must also protest the use of a silly straw to partake certain fine grain white powers. The inefficiency of that delivery system was proven in early 1980's. Other than those two items I say, "Run that PSA during prime time sweeps month.

I really don't know what the purpose of the ad is other than humor. Guess I will click on the whois... link.

Let's see Peter Norton.

AntDude! *highfives*

And fairuse, I'm with you. No idea what he's doing here other than really distancing himself from the crap that his virus software has become. And entertain us. Whoismcafee leads to yestodish ... Yes To Dish? On his twitter he currently converses a lot with Kim Dotcom and tells people about this video.


I see what is happening. I agree with you on the put distance between "that product" and his current life. I did not know he was bumming around with Kim Dotcom. That leads me into the land of lost & forgotten celebrities -- if you want on the A-list please start over on the D-list.

Or he got a memo from his banker. You know the kind -- Dude your burn rate exceeds the cash flow projections.

It seems Mr. John McAfee just might not be playing with a full deck of cards. The article John McAfee Is Trapped in Paradise by Alec Liu is complete with recorded conversations, Wired article with Wired video and police records. I think it fills in some of the blanks I see in the last paragraph.

Most of the article quotes Wired and Gizmodo here is a tidbit:

Wise, who has covered McAfee and has known the serial entrepreneur personally for the last few years, believes McAfee is a classic psychopath. "When I first met tech guru John McAfee I was utterly charmed," Wise wrote on his blog. "On this second trip, however, I began to notice a troubling pattern," Wise continued. "McAfee spent a lot of his time bragging about the hoaxes he'd pulled off, gleefully styling himself as a 'bullshit artist.' (..)

The article is detailed and a good read, I suggest reading it. In the public interest this is Alec Liu's prediction from December 2012:

(..) No one knows when McAfee might pop up again — or where, despite his desire to stay in Belize. And until he does, his increasingly unhinged decline is unlikely to stop. Nor can we stop staring.

Footnote: Why are the celib smut dealers not digging for more on McAfee video.? Seems playing the video is enough for them.

Perhaps he's hoping for some Godaddy-like coverage about how obnoxious it is?

.. and all he earns is more fame? Well, he is rumored to be a freaking psychopath.

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