Top ten tips for teams on placement from Johnny and Angus

Listen up, young and old, n00bs and not Johnny and Angus have made a list of 10 Little Nuggets for Placement Teams. Their advice is solid. Number one may even have you breathing a sigh of relief: 1. You’re not expected to crack the brief. It's true, you're not. You will try to. You will come up with twenty other ideas (and that's great), and you will maybe even crack it sometimes. Do "the right answer" and then do the "what if with did this" crazy answers and show that too.

The only thing I have to add to this, is be reasonable, you may come up with 50 ideas, and 27 of them are halfway decent, funny or memorable. Show them 27, not 50. Have 50 on the wall, but be somewhat reasonable in all that you're showing, not everyone has time to listen to 50 pitches.

Also, you won't stop this habit, you'll find yourself creating 27 ideas when you're a senior creative too. Get used to it.

9. Eat all the pies
By ‘pies’, we mean briefs of course. Some are small and bit hard in the middle. Others are massive and made of 100% pure beef. But you must have a crack at them them all. Ask traffic or project management for more. Hassle the Creative Director. Ask the other teams if you can have a bite of theirs. The more briefs you consume the better you’ll be. And if nobody will give you a brief, make your own. Look at the agency’s client list and think, “what could we do for them?” You never know what will happen. PIES.