Kmart - Yo Mama! - (2013) :45 (USA)


Kmart - Yo Mama! - (2013) :45 (USA)

A group of kids start off with the "Your mama.." BUT, this being a Kmart ad, and these being elementary school kids, the mama-insults are mama-high-fives. Like "Yo mama is like a cheese-plate, she saved so much cheddar on that outfit". and "Yo mama is so fiscally responsible she got all this on free layaway." What? Just go with it, because the kids are very well cast. As is the rather strange gym teacher doing his stretches in blue gym shorts. Weirdness.




Honestly?! It would feel a little awkward to leave my kids with that teacher... Would have been more fun to see a Mrs. Doubtfire! ...limber up for pupils to come.

Oh they know the blue-shorted PR teacher is a bit of an odd one, even slightly creepy, as they have a 'safe' version edited where he is not doing lunges airing as well.

I am just going to post the lunges one, because you know that somewhere, someone fought hard to have that guy in there.

I truly despise this commercial. I think Kmart is encouraging thuggery activity because no matter what's being said, the words are barely understandable, the body language portrays "us against them" and it encourages young, impressionable minds to mimick the thuggery actions. Pretty disgusting.

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