Pepsi wants you to Live For Now. So they got English magician Steven Frayne, better known as Dynamo, to levitate next to a double decker bus that was branded with Pepsi Max: #LiveForNow. And just in case you weren't aware, it also ends with Dynamo drinking the beverage, too.

Over-branding aside, apparently onlookers were still excited to witness it. Or at least the ones carefully edited into the case study.

And while a good magician never reveals his secrets, if it's anything like this similar trick done by a german performance artist, we already have a good idea how he did it.

Agency: Arnold KLP Client: PepsiCo Creative Director: Andrew Watkinson Production Co.: Inner Circle Director: Alex Hartman

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  • Dabitch's picture

    Of course there's a trick such as a metal contraption arm holding him attached to the bus while his own arm is inside the clothes. Still a very neat feat on a moving bus in a city, and very dangerous so I'll be impressed either way. Plus, my favorite part of magic is the illusions, that really looks like he's holding on to the bus and I don't care that all my logic is telling me he isn't. I don't even care that they never film his arm as he 'lets go' either.

    Jul 18, 2013
  • kidsleepy's picture

    I'm jaded when it comes to selective reaction shots. Even if it is an amazing trick it still feels forced. But then case studies always do.

    Jul 19, 2013