Kronenbourg 1664 "the French Blah Blah" (2013) :30 (France)


Kronenbourg 1664 "the French Blah Blah" (2013) :30 (France)

In which people who aren't French speak gibberish with bad French accents, because you don't have to be French to drink Kronenbourg.

Well, duh. Of course not.

The French don't drink a lot of Kronenbourg, or Seize as it is known, because it is a light beer with no taste.

They certainly aren't drinking much beer of any kind this year, as French Parliament voted to raise beer tax by 160%.

Ironically enough for Kronenbourg 1664 is this: in 1964 DDB created its "You don't have to be Jewish to love Levy's campaign.

Comment vous dites "It's been done already," en français?

Oh, I know!

Déjà vu.

Agency: Sid Lee Paris
Sylvain Thirache, Executive Creative Director
Céline & Clément Mornet-Landa, Creative Team
Daniel Abensour, Hampus Jageland, Stephane Soussan, Art Directors
Johan Delpuech, VP Managing partner
Bruno Lee, Account Supervisor
Pierre Boudin, Project Manager
Wanda, Paris (production):
Julien Rocher, Director
Claude Fayolle, Executive Producer
Wanda, postproduction



Seize the beer!