Klondike "Baby Talk" (2013) :15 (U.S.A.)

What would you do for a Klondike Bar? What you endure baby talkin' similarly dressed lovey dovey couples? In an elevator? For 5 seconds?

I kinda wish the endings to these "5 Seconds Of Glory" campaign were weirder, but whatever. I'm just glad Klondike took snarky road. They've come a long way from the weird humiliation of the customer executions that I had to endure when I was a kid. They went something like this:

Announcer: What would you do for a Klondike Bar? Would you embezzle from your boss?

Guy on park bench: No. No way! Are you insane?

Announcer: Rich creamy ice cream? Covered in rich chocolatey goodness?

Guy on park bench: Well, perhaps I could....

Announcer: This one has nuts, too.

Guy on park bench: Done and done. I'm opening an off shore bank account as we speak.

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Settle a bet .....my husband thinks Molly Shannon is in the klondike baby tslk commercial....PLEASE prove him wrong. He is being s resl jerk about it .:-) he cant admit he is wrong.