Heckler and Koch catalog, do you see what I see?

Look, Heckler and Koch I know you make some of the blastingest kablooiest (yes, those are the scientific terms) bang-bangs (that too) in the world, but the people in charge of creating your catalog need to step it up a notch. The 2007 gaffe here is making me blush. Man, I'd kill - eh - work really hard to get you as a client, and if I did have your business I wouldn't put the bullets in backwards.

I have seen your grey room, and have the book, now I just want to visit it pretty pretty please? I promise I'll start pronouncing "Koch" as "Coke" instead of the way I say it. Don't hurt me.

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Good 'ol Heckle the Cock. should have seen that one at proof read.

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Ah, I see you pronounce it "heckle and cock" too. :P

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It is one of those word things my brain gets stubborn about.

Looking at the cover again I think it is a 'Photoshop" oops. Basically that is only way to to get that look. If I am right that still leaves the question, why?