The Richards Group's 71-Year-Old Intern as unpaid as their 23-Year-Old intern

Ad age has an article on The Richards Group's 71-Year-Old Intern. See, the Richards group, the only ad agency I know of that actually has you clock in, are not ageist y'all, they take in 71-year old interns just like young interns. Neither get paid. It's totes fair!

While the concept of Doug McKinlay - an ad professor at Brigham Young University and former agency owner - coming in for two months internship during the summer seems like the perfect symbiotic relationship, where young'uns could benefit from Doug's career and teaching experience, and Doug could try his skills on the frontline again, all I see is: unpaid. Seriously, while this is paraded around in the tradepress (bonus for Richards Group), can we take a moment to contemplate that BYU assisted Mr. McKinlay with some expenses for his trek down to Dallas and a Marriott Residence Inn? Congratulations to all BYU students, that student loan you guys took is helping an ad agency out, because ad agencies who serve big brand clients never have any money, am I right? They eat cup-a-noodle all day long just like you. Think about that next time you look at your student loan debt, while you pound the pavement hoping for a paid internship somewhere to start your career.

I'm sure there was another point to the article about "the 71 year old intern" in ad age, but I couldn't see it through the red.

Doug sounds like a great teacher, who wouldn't want to learn from a man that himself keeps learning? And BYU students did do that well executed "Study like a scholar, scholar" Old Spice spoof, so the Uni itself seems pretty good too - The Richards group however... Unpaid internship. I suppose they do all their work for clients for free, and on their own expense. Oooh. Hang on, I gotta make a call, mommie needs a free brand identity.