Ford Portugal is the official sponsor of the UEFA Champions League. They are bringing the final game to Lisbon next year. Instead of just celebrating the sponsorship, they turned it into a fun "search for the next champion" challenge.

They placed the cup in a busy part of the city to see if anyone could lift it Excalibur-style. But not just anyone could lift it. Only kids could, thanks to some electromagnetic controls.

One tends to be suspicious of such case studies as being fabricated, but the scared look on some of the kids at the end shows the authenticity of the stunt.

For those in who speak Portuguese or want to check it out, go to for more info.

Fun stuff.

Brand: Ford Portugal Agency: Wunderman Portugal Creative Supervision: Luís Coelho Art Directors: Andreia Constantino and Paulo Ramalho Copywriters: Luís Coelho and Bob Ferraz General Manager: Jorge Castanheira Account Director: Olga Orfão Project Manager: Susana Gonçalves Production Director: Miguel Figueiredo Production Executive: José Maria Production Assistants: Isabel Lyra and Hagna Dutra Filming: André Dinis Carrilho, Nuno Neves and Diego Cunha Edition: André Dinis Carrilho and Bob Ferraz Music: "Ford Fado Blues" (Miguel Cervini and André Rodrigues) and "Time to Go" (Glockenwise) Approval: Pedro Monteiro