WWF Canada brings us an übercute animation of farm and woodland animals being dragged away by giant nets, destroying forests and anything else along the way in the process. The moral of the story of course is that this isn't how we get land-animals to our plates, so we shouldn't be doing it to the sea either.

Advertising Agency: John St., Toronto, Canada Executive Creative Directors: Angus Tucker, Stephen Jurisic Art Director: Denver Eastman Copywriter: Jacob Greer Producers: Cas Binnington, Mike Hasinoff Account Service: Melissa Tobenstein, Dorian Burns-Coyne, Amelia MacGregor Production Company: 1st Avenue Machine Exec Producer: Nick Litwinko Producer: Abby Okin Graphic Artist: Roxy Velez Conforming Editor: Jonathan Pulley Animation: Against All Odds Creative Directors: Derek Picken, Niklas Rissler Exec Producer: Josh Thorne Producer: Manuela Cripps Art Director: Johan Idesjö Animation: Milford Film & Animation Executive Producer: Johan Gustafsson Production Manager: Daniel Bystedt Supervisor: John Roxenhed Art Director: Jonas Moberg Look Development: Robert Krupa 3D Artists: Daniel Holmgren, Sebastian Ekman, Hannes Drossel, Antonio Deiana, Hudson Martins, Gustav Tell, Anneli Larsson, Martin WidÖ, Audio: Silent Joe, Orange Lounge Music Supervisor: Marco DiFelice Music Licensing: Jane Heath Audio Co-ordinator: Maggie Blouin Pearl Track Director: Jody Colero Sound FX: Vlad Nikolic Mix: Erich Preston Song: “Happy Go Luck Me” by Paul Evans, Courtesy Of Sony Music Publishing

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  • Trevor Branch's picture
    Trevor Branch (not verified)

    You are absolutely right, we don't farm like this at all. We outsource beef to Brazil, where the clearcut rainforests to raise cattle. We plough our farms eliminating 100% of all animals, plants, birds, insects etc. to raise corn. We eliminate nearly all biodiversity to farm.

    So you are completely right, we don't farm like this.

    Fishing on the other hand, leaves nearly all biodiversity intact, but at lower levels. Trawling on mud, sand, etc. (the only safe place to trawl) is not like clearcutting, more like digging in the mud. Trawling on corals etc is a problem and should be banned.

    There is a reason why the MSC asked for this commercial to be withdraw, because they don't support it.

    Sep 19, 2013
  • Trevor Branch's picture
    Trevor Branch (not verified)

    here is the statement from the MSC:
    In response to the video titled "We Don't Farm Like This", which was roundly condemned by MSC clients who operate many MSC certified trawl fisheries, MSC said "The MSC understands the concerns about the animation recently released by WWF Canada and appreciates their swift action at the request of MSC to remove it from their media channels. The MSC did not participate in the creation of the animation, nor does it endorse it."

    They went on to say "The message delivered in the animation is confusing, creates a negative message about some fishing gears and fails to indicate the positive commitment to sustainability made by many fisheries."

    "We would point out that currently MSC certified fisheries use a variety of gears all of which have met the MSC’s high standards for sustainable impacts on the environment, and we congratulate these fisheries on their environmental performance."

    "Participation in the MSC program continues to grow year on year, receiving support from retailers, governments, non-governmental organizations, conservationists and the fishing industry."

    "The MSC fully supports and celebrates all the fisheries in its program and values their commitment to fishing our oceans sustainably."

    Sep 19, 2013
  • Peter Nelson's picture
    Peter Nelson (not verified)

    Thanks for posting these responses Trevor!

    Sep 25, 2013