SuperPharm Trail Of Perfume (2013) L45 (Israel)


SuperPharm Trail Of Perfume (2013) L45 (Israel)

SuperPharm, Israel's largest drug store chain, wants people to know they sell more than meds. Using dance as metaphor, they're highlighting some of the other sundries, too. The first out of six spots being perfume.

This spot illustrates the trail a perfume spritz takes from the first moment the wafting scent leaves the skin to the last moment when the intended target (I.E., a dude) notices the alluring smell and then like a moth to flame, gets sucked in.

The ads feature the international dance company Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollak and someone I first thought was Anne Hathaway.

It's a nice bit of magic for a drug store chain.




Do you know name of that girl (similar to Anne Hathaway)?

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