Ready, Steady, Get Caught in Swarovski


Ready, Steady, Get Caught in Swarovski

Red Tettemer O'Connell and Partners have launched a new campaign/activation for Swarovski called Ready Steady Caught. It encourages you to "get caught" wearing Swarovski, in exchange for swag.

To participate in the campaign, you can register at select Swarovski boutiques where you'll get a "Get Caught" booklet with illustrations by Jacqueline Bisset. Each illustration is a new look. And if you go into a Swarovski boutique wearing that look, you'll "Get Caught," and they'll hand you a stamp to put in your book. The more stamps you have, the more swag you could get. Prizes include limited edition crystal bracelets, in addition to grand prizes like a crystallized Vespa and matching helmet.

In other words, this is kind of like Green Stamps, from days of yore, but with way more glitz and glamor.

It runs from February till November. So start collecting those stamps. I better start, too. I know a certain red-headed Swede who wouldn't mind the crystalized Vespa.

Chief Creative Officer: Steve Red
Executive Creative Director: Steve O’Connell
VP/Creative Director: Todd Taylor
Copywriter: Kristen McManus
Art Director: Susan Schneider, John Cruz, Kelsey Kovalcik
Senior Producer: Joe Mosca
Photographer: Nic D’Amico
Illustrator: Jacqueline Bissett
Interactive: Ed Taylor, Bryan King
Interactive Design: Hannah Dillon
Account Executive(s): Carla Mote, Susan Baraczek
Social Strategy: Annie Heckenberger
Digital Strategy: Uri Weingarten, Catie Borzillo



And she'd love to see you "get caught" in the looks that includes miniskirts because LOLZA



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