- Captain Obvious - (2014) :60 (USA) - Captain Obvious - (2014) :60 (USA)

So often, so very often, we see ads that are basically the brief read out loud, set to music and footage. They come about because someone is insisting that thing X. Y, and Z must be mentioned, and please repeat X. Y, and Z thrice. Sometimes we see a really creative response to this, as the challenge has now become "how can we read the brief in the quirkiest possibly way?" Introducing, Captain Obvious.

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Great advertising campaign! Hilariously executed by the actor and the whole team! We'll done. I've watched it 8 times! Too funny and I'm looking forward to more.

These are basically like Mr. Obvious, a recurring sketch from the Bob and Tom show that debuted nine years ago.


Also, how does one campaign this? I can see a 60 cut down to 30 but more... could get quite tired fast.

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