Well the title of the spot gives the punchline away but it still got me to chuckle. Casted well. Also, nice touch with Russian VO.

Client: International Conagra Foods Inc Agency: Volcano City & country: Johannesburg, South Africa Agency producer: Michelle Lyne Creative director: Francois Boshoff Art director: Tarryn Bezuidenhout Art director: Lucky du Plessis Production co: Egg Films City & country: Johannesburg, South Africa Director: Slim Director of photography: Werner Maritz Production co-producer: Nicci Cox Executive producer: Colin Howard / Nicci Cox Post production: Pudding / Left Post Production / Sterling Sound Editing company: Left Post Production Editor: Julian Redpath Music & music publisher: Clare Vandeleur

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    Ha ha ha ha. Yes, it's cast really well and nicely directed overall - except the rather gloomy coloring which may be a web artifact.

    Mar 07, 2014

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