MTS "Internet Baby" (2014) 1:15 (India)


MTS "Internet Baby" (2014) 1:15 (India)

This spot is hella creepy. From the minute he leaves the womb, the baby is attached to technology. Born for the internet indeed. More like slave to the internet.
Here's a fun fact: Because the MTS 3Gplus is designed for fast uploads and downloads this spot was released on torrent sites first. So while you're taking a break from pirating movies and music, you can see a spot featuring a phone that enables you to do so. Good to know advertising isn't enabling this kind of behavior.




Good ad

This is a a Great Add I never seen, Hats of to you guys who created this awesome, innovative add, God bless

An advertisement or advert said even shorter is spelled: "ad"

and that's all I have to say abut that.

Superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb :-)

veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery cute add.

verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry cute add.

Really now, how difficult is it to learn how to spell "ad"?