This is one of the most moving and sad spots you'll see all week. Every 30 minutes in Britain a child loses a parent. This spot subtly displays what it's like for a child to fend for himself without a parent. He does okay for himself, except when it comes to the big question hanging so thickly in the air:
Where's mum.

Thankfully, the Grief Encounter charity helps people (children mostly) come to terms with a death in the family. Heavy stuff but very well done.

The boy is quite brave and acts well, and even more moving is the inanimate bear that seems to show what he's really feeling even as he keeps a stiff upper lip about it.

Ad agency: Green Cave People, London
Creative: Malcolm Green / Keith Terry / Jackie Steers
Client Services Director: Holly Ripper
Director: Liz Murphy
Production Company: Nice Shirt Films, London
Post Production: TenThree, London


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    KLEENEX WARNING oh feck that got me. The bear was a really nice touch.

    Mar 27, 2014

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