Sorry Taco Bell, Jack in The Box already talked to Ronald McDonald

Whats up, 2002? Despite Taco Bell's brand new ads touting their breakfast so yummy that Ronald McDonald likes it, Jack in the Box already explored that idea. In 2002. Go on, check it out.

What's amazing to me is that, since Taco Bell and Jack in The Box are both on the west coast, somehow people (account people, strategists, etc) failed to notice.

But as we already said, it was a stupid idea to devote 29 seconds to a competitor's name. McDonald's is probably doing cartwheels they receive dso much free media thanks to your executions.

And if you bother to pick upt he newspaper, you know that McDonalds is on the defensive more when it comes to Starbucks than any other fast food joint out there. Because Starbucks is the only competition. (Tl;dr: coffee markups make for a huge profit.)

In the meantime, enjoy McDonalds condescending response to Taco Bell's new campaign below, straight from their Facebook page. Kudos to a giant world-wide client acting so quickly, too. I know Taco Bell has since responded in an instagram video or something but who cares?. Let's be honest: When a giant flicks you off their shoulder like the fly that you are, it's best to stop trying and be quiet.

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    I wonder how many Carl Juniors are out there?

    Mar 30, 2014

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