Get out your tissues for this one.

Because a lot of countries in the Middle East are unstable due to economy and/or political issues, a lot of kids leave for greener pastures, pretty much never to return. Unfortunately the grandparents can't come with, and are forced to endure a life without their grandkids. The vast majority of Middle Eastern Grandparents are not familiar with technology, let alone Facebook.

Johnson and Johnson wanted to change that. So they gave away the Grandparents Frame, a digital picture frame connected to an app that would update photos in real time.

It's heartbreaking to watch this. And yet to see the joy even a photograph of their grandkids can bring is somehow life-inspiring, too. It makes Johnson & Johnson really stand for something as a brand.

Brand: Johnson’s Baby Client: Johnson & Johnson, Dubai Agency : Impact BBDO, Dubai Regional Executive Creative Director: Fadi Yaish creative team : Andreas Schwitter, Anne Maro Huberts, Philip Hovensjö Creative Designer: Bana Salah Brand team: Talal Sheikh Elard, Leen Fakheriddin, Tanya Vahanian Digital team: Benjamin Schwartz, Wim Coetzee, Faith Malimban, Tahir Kahliq Producer: Emilie Haddad Production house: City films, Beirut Director: Marc Hadife DOP: Toufic Tabbal Executive Producer: Nadine Lteif Editor: Simon Habr City Films Dop City Films Editor Music: Audio Network Sound Studio

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    Johnson & Johnson sell tissue too, right? Because I need me some right now.

    Mar 30, 2014

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