To save you time, here is the ingredients list for every World Cup spot imaginable. Watch the spot above and then take note of the ingredients. Then go ahead and bookmark this page so that the next World Cup you can work off of this guideline.

Cast: Young, old, rich, poor, amateurs, kids, and at least one famous player. (In this case it's Andrés Iniesta) The more diverse the better. It's an international sport.

Scene: People playing football. Make it s a big montage. People playing at a national championship, people playing on an amateur dirt pitch. People training alone (always alone, especially at night, in some place like a strange warehouse.)

The creatives' plan: Hopefully you can turn a few of these moments into extended content later, because people really give so much of a shit about advertising they follow the rabbit wherever he goes.

Execution: Be sure to green screen the winning shot starring the super athlete but make it look as real as possible. For the hero shoot, have the director give his assistant runner ten cups of coffee, than ask him to shoot that scene with with an iPhone he's dropped several times.

VO: Make it big and inspiring. Something something "on the pitch or off," something something "We're all in this game of life called football," Something something "this is our game," something something "existential analogy to the ball," something something "make product metaphor for the game but also life," something something end on that metaphor.

Product: Yeah, eventually show the product. If you must show it more than once, do it three times in quick succession. Otherwise, pepper the ad with signage of the product's name.

Compared to Powerade's really inspiring extended content documentaries (that did come from scenes in this spot) like this one about NIco I'd rather watch Nico's story any day. This montage ode to Fifa is so well-worn the pitch needs to be reseeded. Show me a kid with one leg playing football and you've made your point better than any Spanish superstar on green screen ever could.

CLIENT Jonathan Mildenhall: Senior Vice President, Integrated Marketing Content & Design Excellence Brynn Bardacke: Global Group Creative Director Andra London: Global Communications Manager Rachel Holbrook: Global Director, Film Production Agency: WIEDEN+KENNEDY AMSTERDAM Executive Creative Director: Mark Bernath & Eric Quennoy Creative Director: Alvaro Sotomayor & Rosie Bardales Art Director: Mike Bond Copywriter: Bernard Hunter Head of Broadcast Production: Erik Verheijen Broadcast Producer: Tony Stearns, Lars Fabery de Jonge Planner: Ben Armistead Group Account Director: Kirk Johnson Account Director: Courtney Trull Account Manager: Alex Allcott Art Buyer: Maud Klarenbeek Project Manager: Stacey Prudden Business Affairs: Emilie Douque PRODUCTION COMPANY:CAVIAR LOS ANGELES Director: AG Rojas Director of Photography: Frederick Backar & Michael Ragan Producer: Geoff McLean Executive Producer: Michael Sagol & Jasper Thomlinson EDITING COMPANY: Whitehouse Post London Editor: Russel Icke, Charlie Harvey AUDIO POST: WAVE AMSTERDAM Sound Designer/Mixer: Alex Nicolls-Lee MUSIC: (Nico Doc) Schmooz France Victor Butzelaar Sanj SEN – Powerade 2014 Composition Victor Butzelaar – Nico Piano Composition Music Company TVC Music Company Documentaries Music Company Nico Docu ULTRASCHMOOZ Record-Play Victor Butzelaar POST PRODUCTION: GLASSWORKS AMSTERDAM Flame: Kyle Obley, Jesper Nybroe, Bob Rojien 3D: Tim Bolland, Simon Glas, Eva Kuehlmann Telecine: Scott Harris Producer: Armand Weeresinghe PRINT PRODUCTION: Photographer Levon Biss: Photographers agent Seamus O’Cleary @ Bonakdar Cleary Production Company: Widescope Productions

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    oscar (not verified)

    Sound design & mix on the main TVC was by Raja Sehgal from Grand Central Studios London, with Alex Nicolls-Lee (from Wave Amsterdam) providing the sound design & mix on the documentary films.

    Apr 16, 2014

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