ADAM - Go to Go - 2:30 (The Netherlands)


ADAM - Go to Go - 2:30 (The Netherlands)

ADAM is a girl band from the Netherlands, with five singers. They want you to remember them, and their somewhat unusual approach to making a a low budget video is to sing while having orgasms. Took me a moment to figure out that they're sitting on some sort of vibrating device... They're doing quite well in keeping their tune while being very distracted.

And yes, it's a little like the "head shots" Badlanded campaigns, or like Arvika Festival "Orgasm" commercial... The fact that we see these ladies small O-faces is a little like the Nymphomaniac posters. Unlike the Orgasm viral this won't cost $5 in damages.

See also Andy Warhol's Blow Job, and Beautiful Agony by Richard Lawrence and Lauren Olney.

Update: Boyband BACKPACKER's parody.


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Visuals good, singing terrible. So much for multi-tasking...

Fuking dutch attention sluts

What an unsurprising comment. I take it you're jealous.

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