Wow. Such escalator. Very subway. Much meme-riding. Many fails.

While DDB Stockholm are proud of the fact that many of these Doge-posters are being stolen (a time-honored tradition among Swedish teens if we like a subway poster), and it's been written up in the the trade press Resumé... I'm not all that impressed. DDB insists there's enough information about the offer - a summer price on the subway if you buy the summer card - with the lines "such cheap", "very buy" and "many summer" without the viewer needing knowledge about Doge before seeing this. But I'm not so sure it's funny when you don't know Doge. It fails to be funny now.

I figured the Doge-meme was dead when Oreo used it in February, and then joined in making sure it stayed dead... There is such a thing as "timing" with internet memes.

There's also that nagging sensation when I see campaigns like this, that ad agencies are paying creatives to surf Reddit all day. Please stop. Seriously though, what would happen to the worlds creative output if all IT departments blocked Reddit, 9gag, Imgur and facebook for a few months?

Ad agency: DDB Stockholm

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    Clueless (not verified)

    A problem I had with this campaign was on a different level - the product the ad was supposed to actually sell: priced at 2400 Swedish crowns (370 USD), this ticket is a mere 200 crowns (30 USD) cheaper over a four month period compared to buying the regular ticket. If you're eligible for a student discount, the summer ticket is actually more expensive than buying the tickets per month. To me, that is neither "such cheap", nor "very buy". I wonder why you would run a campaign for this kind of ticket at all.

    May 13, 2014
  • Dabitch's picture

    Whoah. Never even thought of that, mainly because I haven't bought since I was under 20 - and that's still only 600 something which is frankly a steal. All teenagers "invest" in one in May to ensure ability to get anywhere in the Stockholm region during the summer. Rules.

    To paraphrase the lazy campaign copy, "such cheap".

    May 14, 2014
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    Walt (not verified)

    You must be fun at parties

    Jan 09, 2015

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