GunFree SA "If your stolen gun was there, so were you" (2014) :50) (South Africa)

Simple yet powerful message. If your stolen handgun is used in an offense, it's the same as your committing the offense.

Client: Gun Free South Africa. Agency: Y & R Chief Creative Officer: Graham Lang Executive Creative Director: Rui Alves Group Creative Head: Bibi Lotter Creative Group Head: Grant Seller Copywriter: Marjolien Rossouw TV Producer: Lesley Wyldbore Account Director: Greg Dennis Director: Tony Baggott DOP: Marc Rowlston Music: Louis Enslin at Produce Post-production: Melanie Golden at Deep End Post
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Powerful, provocative message, yes. Can't say I agree, though. All this spot does is further the myth that guns are inherently bad. Guns are metal objects. If someone steals your car, gets drunk, and mows down innocent pedestrians, is the aggrieved car owner the perpetrator? If someone breaks into my garage and steals my chainsaw, then goes all Leatherface on a family of five, am I the psychotic murderer? Guns, chainsaws, cars...they're all inanimate objects capable of great harm in the hands of a PERSON intent on destruction. In this particular spot's case, having law abiding citizens turn in their guns just so a bad guy doesn't steal them is like telling an attractive woman to turn in all her low cut dresses so rapists don't get turned on.

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I thought the woman's hand coming in there was a great execution idea, very simple, very clever. Where this ad fails for me, is the call to action/sender. There seems to be a disconnect there. Hand in your gun? But if my gun is legal, then why should I? If the sender was a brand of locked gun safes or something, that would prevent my gun from being stolen, that would make more sense.