Cats rule the internet, as we know. But here's something you may not know, cats also rule the activist world. Meet Malte, a superior cat activist.

You see, CAT HELPS CAT is a project where the ordinary house cat has set out to help save their much larger cousin the tiger. A clever marriage between Lantmännen Doggy (responsible farming cat and dogfood brand) and Tetra Pak (The brilliant Swedish invention you get your milk in) who joined forces to help WWF save the endangered tigers. Housecats in Sweden have signed up and "adopted", much like we adopted Sally Struther's children, a tiger in the wild. See, when ”Cat helps Cat”* challenged the approximately 1,3 million domestic cats of Sweden to get involved to save the endangered tigers, it worked. Now all 3 200 tigers in the wild have a Swedish cat sponsor.

But that's not enough for Malte. Our catactivist and also the project leader for “Cat helps Cat”, decided to do an international cat shout out to other cats. WWF Sweden goal is to double the numbers of tigers to year 2022 – the year of the tiger in the Chinese calendar. It's meow or never kittehs! (sorry).

If Swedish cats can make a difference, other cats around the world can too. The development of the world's tigers have been extremely bleak. So therefore, we must continue to strive to WWF’s goal says Director of marketing Mariann Eriksson WWF Sweden.

Together with Prime we began a journey that no one thought was possible. Pilo Bold Me took over the steering wheel in May 2013, and was extremely proud to be the ones that reached the "Cat helps cat" goal. That is what we call "Cat-Power" says Creative Director Kenneth Pilo, Pilo Bold Me. Especially Caroline Jungsand - now at GolinHarris Stockholm - inspired the the whole thing to whole new level for me Kenneth says.

This campaign was nominated in Sabre Awards in May 20, 2014 in London, and won the European Excellence awards in december 2013. Purr! Swedish facebook page: KatthjälperKatt

Ad Agency: Prime and Pilo Bold Me Client: Lantmännen Doggy / Tetra Pak