Dominos invented a stabilization method to deliver your pizza intact. I guess we can file this case study under "innovative inventions."

It reminds me of that oft-told (and false ) story about how the US spent millions of dollars to invent a pen that would write in zero gravity and the Russians just used a pencil. I guess for Dominos they could hire delivery people who had cars but that would be too Occam's Razor.

I am all for innovation, especially when said innovation solves problems. Believe me. My question with this kind of tangential advertising though is this-- unless a consumer watches a case study (not likely) or sees some other form of communication announcing the fact you have created this innovation, how do they know it has even occurred?

Client: Dominos Agency: Artplan, Brazil Art Direction: Augusto Correia Copywriter: Henrique Louzada, Pedro Rosas Creative Technologist: Leonardo Marçal Executive Creative Director: Roberto Vilhena Creative Director: Alessandra Sadock, Gustavo Tirre Account Manager: Fernanda Cunha Project Manager: Guilherme Rahde Operation Manager: Ronaldo Martins Producer: Ana Paula Aguiar, Davi Vidal Mock/Up Designer: Osmar Souza 3D Artist: Marcello Pereira Agency Producer: Ana Ourique, Daniel Fagundes, Marcela Monteiro Production Company: Tycoon, Mouse House Director: Kiko Lomba, Bruno Miguel Filmmaker/Designer: André Belaggio Production Assistant: Bernardo Dias Producer: Samara França Photographer: Fernando Alan, Handam, Bruno Foscaldo Product Engineer: Newton Natal Junior Editor: Augusto Correia Client Manager: Henrique Pamplona

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  • Augusto Correia's picture
    Augusto Correia (not verified)

    Hello there!
    In fact, this is just a promotional video for the innovation. However, for the clients to know we're changing the pizza boxes, creating a special website and a web app. Also, the bikes are very eye catching. So, everybody ends up taking a look at it. The video is being promoted this in several big general medias in Brazil (business mags, general interests, newspapers).
    Thanks for the post!
    Augusto Correia

    Jun 04, 2014
  • Dabitch's picture

    Heh. "hire delivery people who have cars"... But Kidsleepy, the pizza wouldn't be steady in a car going downhill! I think the steady pizza thing.. would get attention at night, seeing as it's all lite up and that's quite cool..
    Using the delivery box as "advertising", which kind of reminded me of the ROC / Republic of Chicken - Fire scooter deliveries, but only in that I think the box will attract attention.

    Also, I totally want the NASA space pen, that is all.

    Jun 05, 2014
  • kidsleepy's picture

    My final two cents: If the pizza steadier makes the pizza taste better, I'm all for it. If not, you're selling me on something trite.

    Jun 05, 2014
  • Dabitch's picture

    It won't taste better, we're talking Dominos pizza after all.

    Jun 06, 2014